Markvision Enterprise

Simplify every aspect of print management

Markvision Enterprise is a user-friendly print management solution that makes it easy to configure device […]

Boost print visiblity, security and control

Enable common configuration for all Lexmark printers and across product families. Reduce or eliminate time-consuming IT tasks. Audit devices daily to provide accurate views of print fleet. Create custom views with device data columns and save views. Ensure that devices are always in conformance with assigned configurations. Restrict device functions to prevent unauthorized users from changing settings.


Task Automation

All tasks in Markvision Enterprise can be scheduled and repeated as needed to meet your organization’s specific goals. This includes daily audits, conformance and enforcement actions run on specified schedules, new device and network discoveries, and automatically applied configurations.

Print Fleet Security

Administrators can restrict device functions to specified users, and disable user ports and protocols to reduce the risk of security breaches. Passwords and fleet configuration can be easily changed with device passwords or LDAP authentication.

Device Configuration

The solution allows for common configuration across enterprise devices and allows for regular device checks to ensure compliance. Organizations can automatically create, install and verify the validity of certificates, and create day and time windows to update firmware during specified hours.

Asset Management

With Markvision Enterprise, administrators can easily create discovery profiles, quickly view device and supply status, and create custom views with device data columns. Users can find devices with saved search functionality or search by keyword.

Technical Details
General Services Administration Approved Yes
Automate manual tasks to eliminate errors and reduce cycle times Yes
Remove workflow bottlenecks that increase delays and expense Yes
Instantly access documents and information from any location Yes
Software Details
Classified Incident Reporting Yes
CAC and PIV Authentication Yes
Devices Unlimited
Users Unlimited

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