Your Mission, Is Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people with technology to enhance our governments mission, elevate productivity, and empower innovation and efficiency. We dedicated to providing IT solutions which successfully transform office workflow and automation capabilities for the government.

As a company, we’re small and flexible enough for every person to take initiative and make things happen. But we’re big enough in our portfolio, and reach, for those actions to have a global impact. That’s a pretty sweet spot to be in and we’re always striving to keep it that way.

We serve a diverse group of customers through our staff of highly trained industry experts, on-site technical specialists, project managers and our efficient procurement and logistics practices.  

JTF’s expertise play a vital role in our national security, safeguarding our troops, and enabling our government to deliver cost-effective and high-quality support for all Americans. We strive to modernize our governments network and office technology, deliver innovation and excellence for the greatest enterprise and mission challenges.