Kofax ControlSuite

Go Beyond Print Management

Kofax ControlSuite™ is an on-ramp for your digital transformation initiatives. By augmenting MFDs with intelligent […]

Automated content-based workflows

Advanced capture capabilities digitally transform workflows, driving efficiency and productivity while enabling secure mobile capture. A solution for businesses of all sizes with flexible packages delivers value aligned with your immediate and long term needs, empowering growth from print through capture. Get a seamless and consistent user experience with a unified client for print, capture and mobile across all devices. Experience maximum convenience, ease of use and output security.


Scale from SMB to enterprise

Manage, secure and govern documents through an enterprise-grade print, mobile, capture and workflow solution regardless of company size.

Keep your workforce agile, connected and productive

Deliver the power of mobile workflows to distributed workforces with on-the-go mobile capture, secure mobile print and release, authentication, digital signatures and elimination of paper forms.

Control data and reduce costs

Analytics and visualization transform data into actionable insights, allowing you to streamline processes and reduce costs.

Delight your users

A single unified interface for capture, print and mobile workflows drives an improved user experience across all devices.

Accelerate work and drive productivity

Increase productivity and efficiency with document capture workflow automation. Enrich information quality, increase accuracy and reduce error-prone manual tasks.

Connect workflows to cloud applications

Leverage higher levels of security and improve efficiencies when capture workflows are integrated with cloud based solutions.

Safeguard compliance

Apply consistent business rules and data protection policies like automatic redaction, watermarking and rule-based printing.

Maximize security

Ensure document security with content-aware workflows. Provide audit trails with an information chain of custody.

Technical Details
Output Management Services Information monitoring & redaction, Advanced business rules, Print Stream Capture, Modification and Transformation,
Print Management Services Unified authentication (MFD and mobile), Secure print release, Usage tracking and auditing
Capture Services Multichannel capture integration, OCR conversion
Key Capabilities
Secure content-aware print workflows Yes
Mobile capture and print Yes
Powerful analytics dashboards Yes
Advanced content-aware capture workflows Yes
Document workflow automation Yes

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