Our Team


Chief Executive Officer

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Operations Management, Sales, Management, Leadership, and Strategic Planning. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) focused in American Government and Politics (United States) from University of Connecticut.

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Director of Federal Sales

Chris is a results-driven sales professional with over 20 years of experience in consumer products. Chris applies his knowledge of business, in-depth sales strategies and exceptional presentation skills to help his customers choose the best products on the market today. 

Outside of work, Chris enjoys a cold IPA, attending luncheons and traveling to visit his family. 

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Director of Service 

US ARMY Veteran, family man, funniest co-worker 

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Director of Finance / CFO

Graduated from JMU, worked from Fortune 500 company prior to joining JTF, runs numbers in his sleep, on the poker table and at the office. Known for his BBQ skills and soft heart. The chair next to his desk is used more for requesting advise than requesting revenue reports 

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 Senior DOD Executive

Mallory is an award-winning sales professional with over 7 years of experience in the technology industry. She has achieved over 1m in sales each quarter since early 2020 and continues to generate repeat business from her customers. Her in-depth knowledge of what her customers’ needs are and what technology is available today allows her to exceed customer expectations and provide excellent service. She is passionate about developing and maintaining strong relationships centered on trust with each of her customers. 

When she is not working, she enjoys traveling abroad, cooking for Rudy her lovable dog and sometimes her husband Scott as well. 

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Charles (of “Bradley!) as he’s known around here, was awarded the US Army bronze medal for heroic achievement you can find him updating firmware or pushing up his glasses

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Senior Sales Executive

JTF’s spirit animal, unusually large collection of stress busting toys around his desk, avid member of the Tool army, may or maybe not be the original Bansky 

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Program Manager

Claims to have beginners luck, can play any musical instrument, heterchromia – which means she’s immune to zombies, closet gamer, plans on coming out or just did 🙂 

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Federal Sales Executive

JTF’s fairy godmother, might know more about BMWs than MFDs, retired super model, always wearing a radiant smile

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Senior Project Manager

A gamer, a nerd, a history buff. If he’s not enjoying a good game or book you can probably find him at the Renn Faire. Always happy to share fun facts about history, science, or just about anything else you probably don’t know

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Sales Executive

Three sport athlete and self proclaimed Mathlete, had a perfect SAT score and has never been wrong. Our fantasy football commissioner and is loved in the office as much as Roget Godell is loved by the fans

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Senior IT Specialist – Tier 2

The smartest person in an empty room, considers himself a tech savant as he mastered World of Warcraft. When he’s not staring at a computer screen, he’s playing ping pong or counting macros

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Facility Manager – Inside Tech

Airplane mechanic, print technician, the boss of everyone and the longest tenured employee of JTF

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Senior Systems Engineer

Also known as Mr Fantastic, starts everyday with a smile. Works harder and longer than anyone at JTF. Always willing and able to help with any problem, most famous quote “never save today’s job for tomorrow”

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Senior Technical Engineer

Loving father of four, always ready for a pick up soccer game. Even if it’s with a toner box. 10+ years at JTF, sneaky good at resolving customer issues

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Senior Production Engineer

Avid bike rider, rides 100+ miles a week, known for dark humor and quick come backs. Work on site for customers as far as Dubai but loves being closer to his family

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Sales Executive

Master of macaronage, after work she is known to transform in to a Mamasaurus to entertain her son, most likely to have creatine in her desk drawer

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Project Manager 

Short people – we maintain a great perspective on life because we’re always looking up 

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IT Support – Tier 2

Not anti-social, just pro solitude, the OG organizer. Might have a Tony Stark Palladium Arc Reactor Mark II in his chest 

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IT Specialist – Tier 1

Family Guy, just like Peter Griffin, would rather hike in the rain than sit at his desk on a sunny day (not sure how his service director feels about that), either on the run or well-traveled, as he’s lived in 4 different countries 

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Staff Accountant

Known for his hard work and attention to detail, never had a bad day at JTF, usually has his headphones in and our ERP or a spread sheet open, drives a different car to work everyday, the consensus fav ride by the office staff is his GR86 

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Senior Systems Engineer

Worked at the White House during Clinton’s first year in office and only has one photo to show for it. Lives for remotely controlling a customer’s PC to verify settings and hearing the excitement before saying, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” More certifications than you can count and always after more! On the weekends you can catch him playing in a pro billiard tourney 

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Senior Systems Engineer

Known for his smile and positive attiture, lived throught the Liberian revolution, met general Buttnaked and is one fhte few still alive to the story, can part time DJ (just don’t tell his boss) 

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IT Specialist – Tier 1

Constant learner enticed by self-improvement, came to the United States at the age of 21, holds double degrees and JTF’s most positive outlook

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Contract Support Specialist

Texas girl living in VA, loves live music and vegetarian tacos, on the weekend you can find her at the dog park with Jolene, Waylon, Boulder, Aspen and Alex (that’s her husband) 

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Contract Support Specialist

charismatic, funny and well liked when he’s not behind his PC, claims to be a track star and a mechanic, pulls up to the office in a different car for each day of the week (with a mustache), 50% American, 50% Afghan, 100% Maverick!

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Onsite Support Engineer

always providing positive commentary, easy going and professional. everyone smiles when they hear his name, clients only compliment him

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Forrest Browne

Staff Accountant

subscribes to way too many podcasts, known around the office as slightly jaunty and fortuitous. favorite quote “life is like a box of chocolates,” obviously!  screen saver is either his cat or his girl friend, sometimes both. 

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