HP Advance

Regardless of your organization’s size and requirements, HP Advance has a module and architecture that grows with your needs

A scalable document management software suite that helps you increase workflow efficiencies and reduce costs. […]

Highly scalable to support your environment

HP Access Control Scan allows you to digitize paper documents directly at the device and route to a variety of destinations. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enhances searchability, making it easier to share and manage information. HP Access Control Print is a fully integrated security solution that addresses authentication, pull printing, auditing, and policies to help establish more responsible printing behaviors. HP Direct Print is an intuitive, web-based interface that automatically supplies the correct print driver, improving user productivity and reducing help desk calls. Minimize the need for a dedicated Microsoft Windows print server with push printing.  HP Mobile Connector extends the capabilities of pull printing, document viewing, and archival to your smart phone, tablet, or notebook. Help prevent unauthorized printing by verifying right before the job release.


HP AC Job Accounting

Track and analyze device and supplies usage to help allocate print costs to a department, group,  or cost center. Managers can also use job accounting data to help encourage cost-conscious printing habits and curb excessive printing.

HP AC Secure Authentication

Improve security by integrating convenient authentication tools with existing network credentials  such as LDAP and Active Directory. Device access protection is made simple with options for ID badges, personal identification codes (PICs), or personal identification numbers (PINs).

HP AC Secure Pull Printing

Help secure the confidentiality of data and reduce unclaimed prints. Users can send a print job to their personal print queue, then release it when they’re at the device. This can virtually eliminate the waste of unclaimed prints, streamline print queues, and protect documents from unauthorized viewing. This module also supports HP Accessibility Assistant, which allows users
with visual or dexterity impairments to access pull printing via voice commands.

Technical Details
Easily add modules Easily enhance document output management. Adding new capabilities is as simple as entering a new license key.
Single installer IT departments will benefit from one installer and a consistent look and feel across all modules.
Integrated administration Increase document management efficiencies and cut costs by consolidating management of multiple solutions into a single admin console.
Customize HP Advance with additional modules
Workplace Directly captures output from Workplace environments. No application changes are needed to handle legacy document formatting.
Output Central for Cerner Provides a flexible, scalable alternative to native CUPS-based printer and queue management.
Output Central for Epic Helps reduce the need for multiple Windows print servers in Epic environments while simplifying driver management and special-paper handling for improved compliance.

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