Kofax Output Manager

Intelligent Document Controls and Print Management

Improve Productivity, Security and Compliance with Best-in-Class Document Security Controls

Organizations are challenged to stay abreast and ahead of digital transformation. They need solutions that inject intelligence into their workflows, including their document control and print management work streams, so that they drive business outcomes, cut costs and impact the bottom line. Kofax Output Manager helps organizations to Work Like Tomorrow by delivering the most intelligent governance for your document control and print management needs. Its superior security features help organizations improve document security, minimize inefficiencies and mitigate compliance risks. Kofax Output Manager’s best-in-class print and document control capabilities infuse process orchestration, including intelligent redaction, and keen re-routing to increase workforce capacity. Kofax Output Manager helps protect printed documents and prevents the unauthorized flow of sensitive information.


Expanded high availability architectures

Support for desktop applications in Citrix Virtual Desktop
Infrastructure (VDI), remote printing capabilities, and
expanded high availability architectures.

Advanced workflows

Re-routing documents or deleting and adding specified data
across a selected batch of documents improves productivity.

Stringent data and document security

Ability to interrogate the print stream and stop predefined
confidential information from printing is critical.

Technical Details
Centralized print management and scripts that standardize documents across multiple print centers Yes
Detection and potential redaction of PII or confidential data based on individualized configuration Yes
Document inspection and interrogation Yes
Product Details
Expanded high availability Yes
Secure document workflow, including Citrix VDI environments Yes
Intelligent document controls, along with print audit trail and reporting Yes

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