HP Access Control Secure Authentication Solution

Your business faces the challenge of protecting and controlling your printing environment, and requires a […]

Solution at a glance

Enable your business to stop sensitive documents from going unclaimed, and prevent unauthorized use of devices—all while providing local, mobile, and remote users with convenient authentication options.
Securing imaging and printing devices is virtually seamless—HP Access Control Secure Authentication offers a variety of authentication options, including HP proximity card readers, alpha-numeric personal
identification codes (PIC), personal identification number codes (PIN), and smartcards. Easily bring imaging and printing devices up to corporate security standards. Reduce costs and meet environmental
goals by helping to eliminate the unwarranted use of devices.


Secure print jobs and devices

Use HP Access Control Secure Authentication along with HP Access Control Intelligent Rights Management to set restrictions on devices and functionality, and to limit access to authorized users. Combine secure authentication with HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing to provide an easy way to retrieve jobs stored on a network server or the users PC—even give mobile and remote
employees the option to authenticate and release output with a mobile device, using HP Access Control Mobile Release. Authentication applies to fax, email, copy, and print jobs, and many other MFP functions.

Use a variety of networked devices

Increase security by requiring user authentication for your fleet of printers and MFPs—jobs remain on any networked HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing-enabled device until accessed by the specific user. Provide security controls for sending email directly from the MFP. Users simply authenticate, and then the email is pre-populated with the user’s name and address.

Control costs

Better manage imaging and printing expenses and environments. By using HP Access Control Secure Authentication with HP Access Control Intelligent Rights Management to control access to networked devices, you can limit who prints and what they print, helping conserve resources, reduce costs, and create efficiencies throughout the organization.

Technical Details
Mobile ReleaseYes
PIN, PIC, ProximityYes
Secure Pull Print EnterpriseYes
Secure Pull Print ExpressYes
Intelligent Rights ManagementYes
Intelligent Print ManagementYes

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